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Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Review

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Ive been having vaginal discharge since about 8th grade I’m now 18 and still have it its been about 4 years. I’ve told my doctor she said its normal. I’ve been tested for stds(I had cultures taken and a pap smear) because I am pregnant (please no negativity) they usually test u anyways to make sure just in case so they can treat you so it won’t harm the baby. The results for that came back normal for all of that. The discharge is white and it smells and I acually have to go to the bathroom and wipe a lot and you can smell it through my pants. Its gross and embarrasing. My doctor says its normal I took tests those came back normal. But it doesn’t seem normal to me. What could this be? Please help

I’ve been noticing this for about 3 months but the last 2 months I left it hoping it would go away. But this April and this month it has been bothering me and some days it seems to come away and others it’s much more present. I’m 17 and I am a virgin so it’s not an STD and two weeks ago and went to a medical centre and she kept asking me if I’m sure I’m not sexually active and I said no, and she said have I ever been and I said no and she did a urine sample and didn’t seem to find anything in my urine she said there’s no signs of infection but it’s concerning how it’s itchy down there, it is green and it smells sort of fishy but no one is seeming to take me seriously. It’s scary and I’m scared, I don’t know what it could be but I just need some sort of idea, thanks
It’s cottage cheese like greenish discharge

So I went to the bathroom to pee and when I looked in my underwear I saw my usual white discharge (I’m fertile or ovulating idk the difference honestly.) but usually it’s kind of runny if you will, but this time there was a glob or a chunk of white sticky something in my underwear. Why? What is that? Is it normal? I’ve heard it could be an infection so I guess I should add in that the skin between my B and my V was a little sore yesterday but not so much today. Help?

I am on the Depo Provera Shot and have been now for a while roughly 4 months, my next injection/shot is at the end of this month. I have never had this before but I noticed a couple hours ago some brown discharge. Should I be worried? Whilst being on the Depo Provera I haven’t really had a period I think I’ve had a bit of spotting one month and that was it.

I’m an EMT and first year medical student. If you have an answer, please explain so that I can learn!

This is a hypothetical scenario that my teacher gave me in class the other day. I’m trying to better understand the treatment and diagnoses process.

What would you do for a 17 year old female complaining of lower abdominal cramping and brownish vaginal discharge? She claims not to be expecting her period for another 2 weeks, but describes the pain as similar to that of severe menstrual cramps.
She says that she hasn’t had sex since her last period, so I ruled out pregnancy.
She has no past history of this, is on no medications, and experienced no trauma.

I suspect a vaginal or internal infection. Please tell me if you agree or disagree, and why!


Last Saturday I had sex with my boyfriend, it wasn’t painful or anything – totally normal sex. Tuesday night my vagina started to get itchy and the next morning it was gone but returned at night and wasn’t as bad as the night before. This morning I went to the bathroom and noticed the itch was gone but now I have a milky white very light yellow water like discharge with a slight sour odor. What could this be?


Alessi, the Italian Factory of Design, presents the product catalogue, the collections, the designers. Getreu dem Unternehmensleitsatz vonseiten „Design muss nicht hochpreisig sein und...